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Monday, December 11, 2006

What's Going On?

You may recall last year at this time I moaned and complained that there were simply not enough hours in the day to do everything I wanted to do (echoed recently in my Thanksgiving post). It is with a heavy heart that I must confess I've again swamped myself with projects and a completely illogical to do list. However, so that you all don't think I've abandoned you, I will offer an abbreviated listing of what's on my mind to tide you over until I can post in a more proper manner, with photos!

1. I made a multitude of Gingerbread Houses for CheesePuff's Brownie Troop and there were very happy girls.
2. Mr.G, the pickiest of all eaters, was fed Cornish Hen and liked it!
3. I still have gross candy reviews to share.
4. Elaborately painting a young girls' bedroom in a rush is a bad idea.
5. Paula Deen is trying to take over the world with bacon fat.
6. The producers of Sandra Lee's show need to stop her from making a complete fool of herself and tell her that chestnuts are not the same as water chestnuts.
7. My Thanksgiving trip was loads of fun, tasty, and we saw Santa on a Harley.
8. I'm really tired of cleaning my kitchen and throwing away food because of a pantry moth infestation... hopefully that's all cleared up now, but just to be safe, buy stock in Rubbermaid because I'm buying them up like crazy!
9. I had virtually no Thanksgiving cakes to decorate but my portfolio of Christmas/Winter/Hanukkah cakes are growing exponentially.
10. CheesePuff is learning to cook and has made Lasagna and an Apple Pastry braid.
11. It's barely the second week of December?!? I'm already due for a long winters' nap.

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