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Monday, July 24, 2006


What could possibly be more refreshing than watermelon on a hot day? When it's hot outside and every woman is agonizing over how her thighs look in last year's shorts, it's sometimes tough to get people to buy cakes on impulse. I created this design with that in mind and people jump at this cake as soon as it goes in the case.
Evil plot to fatten America even further? No.
Clever marketing strategy? Absolutely!

Two cake layers are assembled with whatever filling seems refreshing that day. Then the cake is frozen for several hours, mostly because the temperature of the bakery is hovering in the high 90's. The cake is then iced with sweet buttercream (a mixture of super sweet shortening-based icing and vanilla buttercream) as opposed to our heavier, more butter-laden vanilla buttercream. The sweet buttercream is lighter in color than our Vanilla BC, easier to whip when the temps are high and doesn't turn to liquid butter at the mention of turning on the ovens.

The trick to this decorating technique is to have a steady hand and a little patience. The bands of color around the sides are applied heavily at first and then carefully shaved off while spinning the cake turntable continuously. The more gently the spatula is held against the side of the cake, the more fluid the resulting color blend. This does take some practice and this cake design is certainly not one I would try as my first attempt at the color blending technique. It will be somewhat forgiving in that you can always re-apply the bands of color and try again.

Happy Summering.

And finally, to the person from Iowa who found my blog by googling 'impossible to swallow 1 tsp. ground cinnammon'... that is just wrong Wrong WRONG!

Thank you and good night.


Karan said...

That's very cute! It makes me want a big slice of watermelon!

chronicler said...

I am stealing this cake for the benefit of the west coast! FAB-U-LOUS!

Too creative ms grommie!