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Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Scope Flavors

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I know, Scope isn't food but I think you'll enjoy this story anyway.

MrG is a faithful Scope mouthwash user. He prefers the Original Mint flavor. He had recently purchased the Cinnamon Ice flavor for his daughter, age 14, at which point my 7-year-old became insanely jealous that he would buy something for her older sister and leave her out (if you know anything about kids, you understand how kids get jealous about the simplest gifts). So in an attempt to be fair (meaning, to placate) he bought for CheesePuff the other new flavor of Scope: Citrus Splash

In an unusual display of daring, MrG tried the Citrus Splash for himself, at which point there was violent coughing and sputtering. For 20 minutes. Accompanied by exclamations and facial expressions of distaste.

Then to me he says, "You need to try this!"

Thanks, Honey.

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